Daily Mail Accused of Insulting Top Female Scientists

Are we really that surprised? This is the Daily Mail after all – bastion of the shit-stirring drivel that can only be described as an affront to humanity (or at least those of us with half a brain). If not for the worryingly large number of people mistaking so much bogroll for serious news, I’d be less inclined to grace the Daily Schadenfreude’s brand of lies and propaganda with any degree of brevity. How could so many be so gullible?

The older I get, the more I’ve learnt to disregard most tabloid journalism as little more than gossip, though I’ll go as far as to say that the Page 3 variety (being full of tits) sometimes makes quite good fodder for humour. Maybe I should be more offended by the Daily Troll’s attempt to turn a great scientific breakthrough into a race and gender issue, but it’s already got more attention than it deserves. No, Ephraim Hardcastle’s column is worthy of no more than the same dismissive attitude that was evident in his diversity jibe.

This week has seen all kinds of stupid, but the award for Facepalm of Cosmic Proportions surely goes to the Conservatives and their Bingo ad.


Bet I’m not the only one who thought it was a parody at first. The Tories did such a magnificent job with this that no spoof has managed to surpass the original since it appeared…Proof that however much we’ve progressed, science has yet to devise a means of delivering us from morons. Christ! To call them chimps would be to give them too much credit. There are days when I wonder if anyone running this country can work out the business end of a banana (which, according to monkeys, is the bottom. Well, they would know!).

I’m no expert in politics, but being patronising towards voters can’t be a great idea. If the Tories were anymore out-of-touch, they’d be as primordial as the gravitational waves created at the far reaches of the universe. Whatever planet they’re on, next election day couldn’t come soon enough.


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