Flying Remains the Safest Form of Travelling Despite Crashes

“The thousands of airplanes which arrive safely at their destination every day hold no media interest. This isn’t news. So even the most logical of us are led to believe that the chance of a passenger dying in an airplane accident is much, much higher than it really is.”

Although this is worth bearing in mind, it is nonetheless cold comfort to those at the losing end of statistics. The investigation has gone on for weeks, with little sign of us approaching the truth. All we have got to show for days and days of searching is flotsam and jetsam, and then more flotsam and jetsam, literally.

From what I understand (please correct me if I am wrong), the black box (actually a more visible orange, just to confuse matters) will lose power around April 6, which will make it even more difficult for anyone to detect it. As someone who will soon be booking a long haul flight (with child in tow) to the region where MH370 went missing, the lack of any sort of resolution is pretty unnerving.

Whilst it’s true that aviation’s safety record does improve after each calamity, I have my doubts this will happen here. No wonder conspiracy theorists are having a field day. Even I briefly entertained the thought of a wormhole or two before abandoning that for the spaceship hypothesis. The crash itself is horrific enough, but not having the knowledge to prevent that from happening again does make me feel a lot less confident about putting my life in the hands of perfect strangers thousands of feet up in the air.


I don’t even want to imagine the agony the passengers’ loved ones must be going through. Can anyone blame their reaction? I can scarcely believe that families were informed of Malaysia’s conclusion via text without the evidence being explained to them face-to-face. Even more despicable is the press coverage of this whole affair.

That relatives and friends of the victims cannot control their distress is understandable, but nothing can justify plastering images of their anguish all over the news. Grief is a very private matter. Such intrusion for the sake of sensationalism is distasteful and unforgivable. There’s a long list of derogatory adjectives running through my head, but let’s just leave it here…The mystery of MH370’s predicament is tragic enough without further embellishment.

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