I was never in the habit of writing reviews unless a product or service left an impression so jaw-dropping it deserved a rating on either extremities of the scale. Anything that fell in between hardly seemed worth the time and effort sending my fingers on a QWERTY-bashing endeavour.

Then along came the iPotty

George Takei, who evidently spends a lot of time on Amazon, posted the link on his Facebook page sometime ago. After that, the review count pretty much shot up from a single digit to three, courtesy of people (mostly) who’d never used the product. Not sure if this is the type of endorsement the seller wanted, but everyone else certainly found the toilet humour highly entertaining!

Unable to resist, I ended up joining in and added my very first post to the internet giant’s growing series of helpful (haha) commentary.


Genius invention!

As an added bonus, the built-in app will even chart the progress of your poo regularity so you can share it on social media. Other incentives include achievement badges and reminder alerts. The only downside is the inability to change your daily target, so every now and then, a less-than-adequate contribution may cause the seat to eject you. This happened once when I was close to completing a level on Candy Crush. Most inconvenient! This is why I have only given this otherwise great product four stars. Might I suggest a feature that will at least let users adjust the timer?

Simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity…The comic value was just too much.

Shopping online is now more satisfying than before, even though it takes ten times longer to find what I want (if at all) because I keep getting distracted by the public’s reaction to some truly befuddling things on sale, such as a Steering Wheel Desk, and Uranium Ore…Look! So awe-inspired was I that I actually pinned it.

Obviously, I’ve got a long way to go and am unlikely to reach the same legendary status as Takei. But who knows? Leaving bogus reviews could become my new hobby…after gurning and camwhoring (oh wait, in my case they’re often the same thing). Ah yessss, I look forward to the day when I can finally join the ranks of those who manage to bring humour even to the most mundane of objects.


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